White Card QLD online

The online White Card delivery criteria in Australia differs from State to State. In order to be issued a White Card, you must complete the accredited Unit of Competency CPCCWHS1001 - prepare to work safely in the construction industry.

The training package itself does not mention delivery criteria (online, face-to-face). As such, wether the White Card training can be conducted online comes down to licensing. Each State have a branch called WorkSafe or SafeWork that are in charge of workers compensations and as such issuing the White Card licenses.

White Card QLD online

WorkSafe Queensland allowed the completion of online White Card courses until 2019. However, they have now aligned themselves with much of the other States by changing the delivery criteria to face-to-face.

The change affected more than just Queensland residents however, as residents from all over Australia used to complete the QLD White Card as a workaround to local State restrictions.

Queenslanders residing farther than 100km from the nearest registered training organisation (RTO) offering the training can ask for an exemption and complete the White Card online.

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States allowing online White Card courses

Tasmania always allowed for online White Card training, however only to residents of Tasmania. As a result and unlike Queensland, residents of other States couldn't simply complete a White Card Tasmania online to get around local State restrictions.

When WorkSafe Queensland changed the delivery criteria to face-to-face in 2019, WorkSafe WA adopted the Tasmanian model and now only allows WA residents to complete the White Card course online.

States that do not allow White Card online courses

New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory do now allow online White Cards, and the safety induction training must be completed face-to-face with a local RTO delivering the course.

With the Queensland loophole now closed, there is no other way around it since 2019.

White Card online delivery criteria per State

White Card online vs White Card face-to-face

There are a few considerations in the online vs face-to-face White Card debate.

The obvious one: White Cards online are cheaper. The reason for this is however also a trade-off. Online White Card courses are self-paced, using fully automated systems. There is no trainer and assessor doing actualt teaching and answering questions you might have.

Since introducing the course in Australia, there has been a big reduction in work related inuries and deaths on construction sites. As a result, we can deduct that the quality of the course does matter.

Another downside of online delivery is that you must own the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to complete the demonstration assessment, while face-to-face providers will lend the PPE for free onsite.