How to get a solar farm job in Queensland 2024

Are you looking to extend your Australian Working Holiday Visa? You can earn $8000 per month and qualify for a visa extension working on a solar farm. Positions in this industry are competitive as word has spread about excellent pay and working conditions. This is your complete guide to putting yourself in the best position to get solar farm work in 2024.

Sunshine Coast solar farm

What will I do while working on a solar farm?

Most jobs for backpackers and overseas travellers working on solar farms will be labouring or trade assistant jobs. This involves helping tradespeople with manual handling, cleaning, and maintenance. There are also more skilled jobs available if you have relevant qualifications. The work environment can be hot and humid depending on location, and you will often be required to work hard for 10-12 hours a day, but if you can stick it out the rewards are well worth the effort.

How much will I get paid on a solar farm?

You can earn $30-$40 per hour working entry-level labouring, cleaning, and trade assistant jobs on a solar farm. This results in some Working Holiday Visa holders earning $2000 a week or more. You may also be given cheap accommodation and meals. This is to compensate for the work often being in remote areas. As well as this, fly in, fly out work can involve rosters where workers are flown to a location, work for several weeks and fly back to their usual location for an extended break. Examples of fly in, fly out rosters include two weeks of work followed by two weeks break, or three weeks of work followed by one week break.

What are the requirements for working on a solar farm?

The first step to getting a solar farm job is completing two basic courses.

One of the courses is the White Card, which is a general safety induction. This course usually takes four to six hours and covers the basics of construction safety. We have written an extensive article explaining how yo get your White Card in Brisbane here, and on the Gold Coast here.

The other course is CPR and LVR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation and low voltage rescue). Employers view candidates who have completed this course favourably as it outlines the process to complete if a worker receives an electric shock in the workplace. Like the White Card, the CPR & LVR course is basic and can be completed within half a day. You can book your CPR & LVR course in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast here.

The cost of these courses is usually around $100 each depending on location. Also be aware that having a Class C driver licence and your own car is looked at favourably by some employers.

Where do I apply for solar farm jobs?

There are two major pathways to apply for solar farm jobs. The first is to sign up with a recruiter or recruitment agency. It is important to have a discussion with the recruiter and ask if solar farm work is available. Hopefully the recruitment agencies you choose to work with can help you find work quickly, but it is also a good idea to check in with recruiters weekly to see if any new opportunities are available. You should also chat to your recruiter about ways to improve your resume to make you an attractive candidate to employers. You can find resume templates here. It is important to be patient during the recruitment process as sometimes this can take weeks to months, so start early! Some recruiters specialising in solar farm work include:

The second way to apply for solar farm jobs is by using online job search providers like SEEK, Indeed or Jora. The upside of this method is you can apply for many jobs at once and potentially reach the solar farm company directly. The downside is there is no guarantee you will receive feedback on your application. You can follow up with the companies you applied to at a reasonable time and ask if they have reviewed your application to show your willingness to work.

If you're looking to improve your Resume, we've shared tips on how to write a good Resume for the construction industry here.

What can I expect if I am contacted by a solar farm company about a job?

If you are successful in applying for a solar farm job, the final steps before beginning work will include undergoing a pre-employment medical to ensure your body is fit to work. You will also be required to undergo a drug and alcohol test before beginning work. After passing these requirements you should be given an induction where the company you are working for outlines all relevant safety procedures and work tasks. Generally, the company you work for will provide the personal protective equipment (PPE) for the job, although this can be negotiated on occasion.

Congratulations, you made it!

If you follow the steps in this guide, you will give yourself a great chance to get a solar farm job in Australia. Just remember to stay persistent, patient, and stay in contact with as many recruiters or company representatives as possible. Also, always be ready for your opportunity, as the company may require you to be at the solar farm on short notice. All the best with your solar farm journey!